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    Intercooler Gen 2 Question

    Hi Guys

    I Started Today my Gen 2 Intercooler on my RXP 07, The Manual Says:

    Disconnect ignition coils (spark plug caps) and ECU connectors and move aside. Remove the seven (7) M6x25 Torx® screws securing intake manifold housing to engine. (see illustration #7) NOTE: If you are using a RIVA Power Filter Kit it will be necessary to remove the filter element prior to performing steps 8 & 9. Be sure to cover Power Filter tube inlet to prevent debris from entering supercharger.

    Why Do I have to remove thoses 7 M6 Screws from the manifold, If don't do That the Stock Intercooler won't come out????

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    it most likely wouldn't come out. you don't have to completely remove the bolts, but you might as well considering you need to atleast loosen them. twist and pull the stock IC out. it's stuck in there good.

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    It will come out, but it's a bit of a wrestling match to get the space to withdraw it toward the front otherwise.

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