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    trailer title question VIN one digit off

    In a previous thread regarding my Polaris 650 I had mentioned it was a gift form a friend who gave up on it. I was able to register the Polaris no problem there, but have an issue with the trailer and am looking for advice. My friends dad bought this PWC and trailer in 2008 then gave it to his son. So my friend (the son) took it to AZ DMV and the vin on the trailer was one digit off from the vin on the title. They sent him home and said he would have to have the original owner in CA take care of it. He doesn't even know how to get a hold of that guy. So now I have this trailer, is there anything else I can do? Since I'm a new owner can't they just run the VIN and see it's not reported stolen, do an inspection and get me a new title? Appreciate any help or input. Thanks

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    Just get a home made trailer title for it if you cant track the original owner down. As you stated earlier....its either a stolen trailer or its a misprint on the title. either way the DMV is a pain in the ass. Personally im working on trailer titling problems too. its been 4 months and im still working on getting the damn thing titled. PIA

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    I walked into the New Jersey MVC and told them I needed a homemade trailer license plate and 10 minutes later I walked out with a new license plate, no questions asked.

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