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    single aluminum trailer---Houston, TX

    Hi does anyone have a or know of a place that may sell used single aluminum trailers??


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    single alum trailer in houston

    Driftwood trailers in Kemah makes an aluminum single. the rails are W flange structual shape aka "I beams" like you might see on boat trailers. They use torsion bars instead of leaf springs. The only welded connections are back cross bar to the side rails. I like the design (had one until last Saturday night when it and my 08 RXTX were both stolen) but you need to check the fit and finish quality on the trailer before you sign the check. I spent a lot of time 'tweeking" it when I got it home and had to bring it back for weld repair (cracked). In spite of the quality issue, I think I am going to give them a shot at another one as soon as I can get something worked out with the insurance.

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