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    Woodruff key keeps shearing

    this is the second time the woodruff key has sheared ever since i replaced the stator upgrade on my 97 sltx1050. Why does it do this? is this a common thing because if it is, i don't wanna be removing the engine every weekend to replace it.

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    fly wheel screwed up from the first time ?

    use a polaris woodruff key or did you get it from a hardware store ?

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    Either soft key or you don't have the flywheel seated properly or the bolt torqued to spec.

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    What condition is the taper on the crank shaft snout, and inside the flywheel?

    Both tapers must be free of damage, bumps, raised spots, etc. And both tapers must have the same taper, not ground down or oval shaped.

    The woodruff key is not there to handle engine and flywheel torque. It is there simply to guide the flywheel into position.

    ALL the torque between shaft and flywheel is entirely handled by the friction fit between the flywheel and the crank shaft taper.

    A near perfect fit where they meet is a requirement.

    The flywheel nut must of course be properly torqued to spec, and Red Loctite applied to the taper before the flywheel is installed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    The flywheel nut must of course be properly torqued to spec, and Red Loctite applied to the taper before the flywheel is installed.
    This says it all right there. ^^^^^^

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    also if your rideing like a dumbass and wave jumping hardcore the motor will unload and then when it reenters the water the load of the fly wheel will shear the woodruff key rite off

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