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    RXT need prop advice

    I have a stage II with rear air. I added a rear exhaust and haven't seem to get my rpm's tuned yet.

    It used to run about 69-70 with a custom exhaust that was more like a powerpipe. When I added the thru hull rear exhaust I started banging the limiter so I had it repitched to 14/20.

    I'm now running around 71-71.5 top end and I'm still banging the limiter at 8100 and we are getting to some peak heat in TN.

    Should I go to a 14/21 ?
    Is there something that might give it a more acceleration and keep the top end the same.

    Is there a 15/? I need to go to.

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    You could have 1 or 2 mm added to the trailing edge
    of the 14/19.
    The next step up is a 15/20.
    I went to it this spring and could not pull it.
    Even though i was on limiter with my 14/19 last fall.

    Your limiter is 8180 -hard.
    If you are running 8100-8120 you may just want to leave
    it alone...
    I'm sure that it's gonna get hotter and water will
    still warm up some.

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    Yeah, Kinch. Foggy has it right. Add a mm to the 14/20 and see what you get.

    After learning the hard way...if you can spin a 14/19 +3 while banging the limiter...then....I'd consider a 15/20...and still probably have to tweek it a bit. That leading edge really loads the motor.

    Oh, just noticed....your topping out at 8100?...'05 limiter is 8150. I'd say you're good now.

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    Makes sense!
    I'll tug a mm and see if it smooths out.

    On a funny note
    Not sure if any one has swallowed a fish but I sucked in dead 2 foot carp!
    Man that thing wouldn't leave the pump. Smelled rotten while I was riding around shooting chunks.

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