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    Desperately in need of advice.

    1100 ZXI won't start with start button. The bike was in the water with the ignition switch on overnight in heavy water. Since then it won't start. The ignition switch lights come on, the trim works normally and when I jump the battery to the starter cable, the engine starts right up. I put in a "new" starter solenoid from a running bike, it has a new battery and I have checked every connection - replacing the one connector that had some corrosion. Connecting the 2 Yellow/Red wires at the starter button yields nothing. The connections and all electrical connections are remarkably clean, dry, and free of corrosion compared to others that I've seen.
    Is there something else for me to check? I'm at that point that I'm wondering if the replacement starter solenoid was also bad (seems hard to imagine) or if I'm possibly missing something painfully obviously.
    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    check the contacts in the starter button, i had an older kawasaki 4 wheeler and the contacts for the starter button got bent


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