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    92 sl650 triple crank/spark but no start

    Has spark, checked the fuel filter, all the lines, and cleaned the vacuum pump on end of fuel rail but still no start. It wants to start but just wont kick. Ran great for about 20 minutes on the water then just died out of no where. No a marien mechanic and help would be awsome.

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    Welcome,Have you pulled the plugs and looked at them, look closely for anything that looks like small particels on the tips. See if you can get a compression gauge to check cylinders. As a fast check for compression,with the lanyard out,put a finger over the spark plug hole and crank the motor over, it should blast your finger off it,if not,you may have burnt a hole in the piston.
    Were are you located at?

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    All the plugs were checked and seemed fine, we noticed that we were not smelling gas when turning it over so we don't think its getting gas from some where but not sure. We are in muskegon mi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarahleigh112 View Post
    and cleaned the vacuum pump on end of fuel rail
    Welcome to the Hulk.

    What do you mena by this?

    Did the vacuum pump look like this?

    If so, throw that thing in the trash and cap the fitting air tight.

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