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    Help! ordering parts. guages and open loop

    so on ebay there are over 1000 autometer AFR guages which one do i need? LM-1 or LC-1.. is there any difference between the series or should i just buy what looks good to me?

    secondly im trying to get some fitting for open loop... on the riva open loop what size is the house that enters the riva thermastat? needing to get some barbed fittings but dont know the size

    lastly anyone have problem with the autometer guages i was going to order afr, boost, water temp

    thanks for all the help

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    lc-1 is what most of us use for a permanent setup, lm-1 is portable. i use autometer gauges and i just taped all around so water wouldn't get in and haven't had a problem. if i'm not mistaken the ID on the the water inlet is 1/4 inch

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