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    Question 1999 Ultra 150 motor Rebuild questions SBT OR NOT?

    I have a 1999 Ultra 150. The center piston blew. The cylinder is scored bad. I was looking into doing an SBT "Top End Swap", my concern with this is I was told that they are sleeved cylinders. I don't know much about sleeved cylinders, but I've been told they have problems with heat displacement. So my question is should I do the SBT swap, if not what should I do to get the cylinder repaired?

    Are there any other things I should check or look out for? Are there any other parts that should be replaced or upgraded while I have the motor out? I am new tot the ultras and don't know a whole lot about them.

    Thanks for all your help!

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    I would not even think about sbt for the ultra. I have run across too many that have had trouble with them.

    For the cylinder repair Us chrome in fondulac wisconsin or millenium can do that.

    You dont say how many hours you got in it but I would probably go ahead and do the complete top end while your in there. Then be sure to put new tygon oil lines in since that probably what killed it to begin with. Either kawi or wsm pistons wok well.

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    ProX pistons?

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    Pro-x are good comparable to stock. Weisco are good too, just require warm-up before taking off..

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    warm up as in let it idle for a bit after the rebuild, or require warm up before every start (dont all motors require warm up before you get on it)

    I am going to purchase a manual, but what is the proper break in procedure for the Ultra?

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    Weiscos need a little more warm up before you ride, they can tend to want to stick if you dont. Go check out the ultra 150 board, there is a link to a pdf of the manual in the archives section.

    For break in I run 50:1 premix in the first tank. Warm it up then do a few full throttle pulls then ride a bit and do a few more. Dont hold any 1 rpm for long periods of time. After the first tank drive it like you stole it.

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    +1 He's spot on..

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    Am I safer running only pre-mix fuel and blocking off the oil pump?

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    Ok, now were changing the whole situation! I just found out the cyls that I have are already sleeved. With the new circumstances, am I better simply doing the SBT exchange program, or do I need to hunt down new cyls?

    Thanks for the advise!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by koryk View Post
    Am I safer running only pre-mix fuel and blocking off the oil pump?
    NO, NO, and NO!!!

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