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    How to repair a crack/hole in a jetski

    Can any 1 tell me the best way to repair the hull on my ski it seems to be letting in water thanks

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    You need to supply a lot more info.

    Model, year?

    Where is the water coming in?

    Photos of the damaged area?

    Are you sure it is hull damage, and not a leaking seal or hose?

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    water leak

    ita a 2000 polaris genesis it has a heavy crack at the front under the towing/winch hook its been like this for a while and i have not noticed any problems but to day i left it in the water unattended for 3 hours and when i got back it had 6 inches of water in the hull.

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    Read my how to paint a jetski sticky on the front page.

    everything you need to know is in there.. take it out of the water first. then let it dry out, then grind away all material till your done to a good hull. then bevel at 45 degress and follow any crack till it stops. make a cul d sac around the end of the crack to stop it from going any further, fill with epoxy and chopped glass, cover with progessive small sheets of resin n glass. sand smooth. spray gelcoat to protect it.. thats it in a nutshell.

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    what paint should i use???

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    READ MY STICKY PLEASE! lol it will tell you everything.. on the front page// not Paint, gelcoat!

    its different than paint, its kinda like fiberglass resin with white tint added to it.. spray like paint but kicks in 20 mins hard as nails,, waterproof too. thats whats on the bottom of your ski.. paint will flake off.

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    I used a lot of Bow's tips but I just don't have it in me to do everything that needs to be done with my ski right now to get it the way I want it to be. I am going to do it over in the Fall. I didn't have any cracks that were through the hull but I had skid marks on the bottom of my hull. I started out with the 3M Products and mixed it with glass like Bow recommends. Too much sanding for me right now. In the end I found that this product was pretty good because you can mix the color to get it close. If you try it make sure you mix a shade lighter because it gets darker when it dries. This stuff dries fast! I got it at Ace Hardware when I was getting a screw for my ride plate. They have it for about $30.00. I saw it on also but the packaging looked different and it was a few bucks more.

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