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    Lewisville riders?

    Looking to meet some other Lewisville riders. Just moved down here from Oklahoma beginning of June, and don't know anyone on the lake yet. I'm keeping the ski at Pier 121 and am up for riding pretty much any time.

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    Welcome to Texas/Lewisville. Im not sure how much you know about the lake but I will just say be careful. The weekends produce some large waves from the ships that go out to party cove. Party cove is north of the Lake Dallas Cut. There are a ton of drunks out there so be careful and watch for boat patrol. Lake Lewisville is either the number 1 or 2 deadliest lake in Texas. With that being said I am not sure if im going out today but looking forward to meeting you.


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    So far it doesn't seem that bad out there (definitely no worse than Grand Lake in OK). Tried going out again Saturday, but apparently I've got a fouled plug, so I've got to swap plugs before going out again.

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