Lets make an all inclusive list of where these ski do, could, would, should, have, have been, will leak!

Just name any area on your ski or others where trouble could start..

I'll start with the basics and you add as you see fit.. that way we will all have a list to check when looking for leaks.. maybe if its unusual, then state what kind of ski and year..

Exhaust seal and cover. loose or broken seal
Thru hull fitting for bilge
Pissers if so equipped
Water intake hose
Strainer connection
Water shut off valve connection
Bow eye
Hull seam
Front Hood leaking
Hole in hull
Hole on topsides
Crack in hull
Pin holes in hose only seen under pressure
Gas tank leaking looking like water
Louvers letting water in
Flo-rite got flooded by water
clamp on too tight and broke the hoses
Old hoses bulging and bursting
Holes drilled in hull for other applications and not sealed
Coupler bearing and seals
drain plug base seal, not just the drain plug.
leftover screw holes from trim tabs or other mods taken off the ski
Thru Hull fitting , seals and hoses with clamps
Pitot tube(speedometer)
Exhaust exit hose
Exhaust clamps
Water Pipe hose connecting to pipe
Water intake hose at pipe inlet
Exit hose from thermostat
Accidnetal cutting of hose
Hose melted between exhaust and pipe
Hose fell off
Wrong routing of hoses
Broken clamps
Water temp gauge loose
Water rail leaking
Pisser manifold leaking from barbs not in well enough or clamps.
Pissers hoses to pipes
pisser hoses to pissers
4 way leaking
Strainer for jet works valve leaking
Collector connections loose
Hole in large 5 ft exhaust hose on the Pro.
Hole in water box
Heads leaking
Water seperator leaking(that would be gas and water in the hull)
Fuel leak looking like water from a distance
Accidental hole from beaching it and not seeing it

Or rocks.. ask Ujustlost lol

Any others that are on fuel injected machines? I dont own 1..
Makes it way easier to just go down the list real quick.. I know I missed something!