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    msx 150 help please, poor throttle response/wierd noise

    Hi, I have an 04 msx 150, If I lay into the throttle from an idle it runs fine, 65mph, 7300 rpm. If I pin it from an idle it jerks and kicks and won't rev up. The temp sensor is unpluged, but that wouldn't cause that would it? Also while driving with the seat off at mid to 2/3 throttle while slowing down I can hear like a chirping sound that seemsto be coming from the intercooler. Runs fine otherwise. Any help?

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    The weird noise is most likely the Bosch blow off valve either working properly or it may have a slight leak. Not something to panic about. Desperado did some testing on different model numbers and made some recommendations - search his posts.

    Which temperature sensor is unplugged? The exhaust manifold or the water rail? The ECU needs this information to operate correctly, I believe the water rail one will default to a stored setting but you don't want that. You need the exhaust sensor for engine protection as well!

    I guess you have checked out the spark plugs etc?

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