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    Single Beep, Check Engine Light...

    I was returning home today on my RXT-X in some pretty bad chop when I landed flush on the water surface off of a boat's wake. A second later, I got a single beep, immediately followed by the check engine light. It spontaneously cleared and my ski ran normal the rest of the route home, but I'm curious to know what could have been caused by the impact to trigger the warning.

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    Would the TOPS sensor trigger the check engine light and beep, or just reduce power temporarily? Thanks in advance.

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    do you by chance remember the code #.

    TOPS may sound right but would wait for other gurus to chime in.

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    I did not see a code after the check engine warning flashed across the cluster, but I have since read on this forum that I might need to hold the SET button for a few seconds to get the code to appear. True?

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