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    Wear Ring and MPH issue

    I have a 2003 GTX 4 Tec with 104 hours and 2004 GTX 4 Tec with 64 hours. They are not supercharged. I bought the 2004 from a dealer and they replaced the wear ring and impeller. It hit 52mph top speed according to a garmin gps. I bought the 2003 from an individual, the 100 hour service had just been completed and the guy had proof of it, and replaced the wear ring and spark plugs today and it was topping out at 48 mph. I have researched this topic and see numbers around 62 on non supercharged models. Are those numbers accurate? Are my machines messed up? Or is this about how fast they should be traveling?

    I replaced a wear ring and impeller today on my 2004 GTI and there was no gap between the impeller and wear ring. I bought a Solas impller and it was a perfect fit. I have heard you should be able to place a business card between the impeller and wear ring. I can do this on the 2003 GTX that is running a little slower. The impeller on the 2003 GTX looks perfect and doesnt have one ding on it. Should I replace the impeller on it?

    The 2004 GTI has no cavitation now and instantly comes up.

    Also one last question. I have a 2007 GTI 130hp with 44 hours and it goes just as fast as the 2004 GTX 4 Tec. I am assuming its because of the weight difference? I felt like the 2004 GTX 4 Tec 155hp should be a little faster.

    I just bought all of these machines this year and am confused

    All machines are stock with no mods

    Thanks David

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    welcome to the board.

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    Hi there David,

    I have just gone through a similar process with my 2007 gtx 155 na. With a stock impeller it would get up to 96kph (59.6 mph) @7200rpm sock with no dings in the impeller. After sucking a bit of oyster shell through the pump I did some damage and it would max out at 82kph (51.0mph) at around 7200 rpm.

    After replacing the wear ring and impeller with a solas 11/19 the ski's top speed is 92kmph (57.2mph) at 7180 rpm.

    Hope this is helpful. any advice you might have for me getting a little more top end out of my ski would be much appreciated too.

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