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    01 Polaris Virage engine overheat

    This is my first post on the hulk and I hope someone can help me or point me in the right direction. I am new to the world of pwc's as I purchased an 01 Virage a few weeks back. I promply smoked the engine(broke a rod) and have since installed an SBT remanufactured engine (polaris 700). Took it out yesterday to go through the break in process. Did the 20% throttle for 30 min (ran great) then brought it back in to cool but it took over an hour for me to be able to even touch the engine so I pulled it out of the water. Went home checked every hose clamp but no issues to be found. Put it back in the water today and now I got the engine overheat signal in idle after running for maybe 4-5 minutes. Also now it bogs down when I give it even a little bit of throttle. When I put in the new engine I went ahead and rebuilt the carb so its good to go. I'm at my wits end with this thing. I can't afford another engine so I'm careful not to burn this one up. I would appreciate any help available. Thanks

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    The engine should never get so hot that you cannot touch it. Normal operating temperature is about 143F, which means you can hold you hand on any part of the engine or exhaust for a few seconds without burning your skin. It will feel VERY warm, but not painful.

    You need to review how you have installed all the cooling hoses. Make sure nothing is installed wrong.

    Check the thermostat housing - make sure the parts are installed correctly.

    Check all hoses for kinks or blockages.

    If necessary, post some clear photos of how you have the hoses installed. Sometimes we can spot problems.

    Did you remove the jet pump and drive shaft? Make sure the jet pump was re-installed correctly, especially the water tube in mesh inlet screen in the pump nozzle.

    Is this a two cylinder Virage?

    Check cylinder compression.

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