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    1999 Polaris genesis CDI jumper wire fix

    Had a warm restart issue with my genesis (carbed) not wanting to start after sitting for 5 to 10 minutes after riding. Found the service bulletin thanks to this forum and "K447". Had to splice into the red/purple wire coming out of the CDI and only this wire. Then routed this wire to the front of the jetski where the terminal board is located (behind the panel in the front storage compartment). I landed this wire with a crimped connector to one of the "OR" (orange) marked terminals. Ran it yesterday and the warm restart issue is now fixed. Thanks again to this forum and "K447"!!

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    If you can, post up some photos of the repair.

    Your Genesis is a hard one to do this fix on, as it has two electrical boxes, one tucked away up front, the other in the rear.

    BTW, if it isn't actually an orange wire color you installed, then label it at both ends or put some orange tape on the wire. The next tech that works on it will need to know what it is

    If your photos are good, I can link to them to help out others

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    WELCOME to the Green Hulk forums boilerman.

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    WELCOME to the Green Hulk forums boilerman.
    Thank You

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