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Thread: engine rpm

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    engine rpm

    Just put the first hour on my rxt 215 is there a built in program in the computer for reduced rpm for a few hours. Does anyone know what it the max rpm should be.

    stock 2007 rxt 1hr. so far


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    I believe thats only on the newer boats like the RXTX and the IS, someone more knowledgeable can chime in. My question is, where did you find a 2007 with 1 hr?

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    engine rpm

    I bought it brand new and i just had it out. The oil level is above the top bend so that might affect my rpm.

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    8100 should be your max RPM and usually the computer doesnt open up till after 10 hours...

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    I thought the '07's were running 8200 or better?

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    engine rpm

    So i took 3/4 of a litre of oil out and i'm between the two bends now so will that really help my rpm it's only at 7300rpm! Is that true the computer doesn't allow full rpm until 10 hr's. thanks

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