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Thread: 96 GTX purchase

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    96 GTX purchase

    My friend just purchased a 96 GTX and a 96 GTI. They have been sitting a couple of years, we just drained the gas, added new gas, and installed new batteries. I want to start this up in the garage and can't figure out which line coming in to hook my flush kit and hose to. There are 2 hoses coming in to the top. Want to make sure I get the right one. thanks

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    the gtx has a hose fitting at the rear of the ski to the left of the reverse gate. not sure about the gti. remember to start the ski then turn the water on and when you are done, turn the water off, then turn off the ski to keep from flooding the engine.

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    The GTX wouldn't start, cranked on it for about 5 minutes. But the GTI started right up. I think the GTX just has old gas still in the fuel lines. We will try cranking on it again tomorrow then off to the lake next weekend.

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