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Thread: Whats it worth?

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    Whats it worth?

    Well I'm trying to price my ski to just get a base on what these things bring in good running shape to figure out how much money I want to put into aftermarket parts. 1992 SL650 in good running condition with a single trailer. I'm thinking 1000? Not really sure what they are worth.. Any thoughts?

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    Depends on your location. In my area, If it looks good and runs good, It's worth atleast $800-1000. Unfortunatley beggs to differ. And NADA is even worse. resale value on 18 year old ski's is pretty low. some times it makes more sense to keep them.

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    well you have to consider that the 650sl is the lower end of the scale on polaris's in general and you have the first year. 18 years worth of depreciation kills the prices..

    If it looks good and runs good. anywhere from 300 -1000 tops. probably more like 650.. i bought a 94 sl for 500. a 2000slx for 510.00 and a Empty Pro785 for 500. I had to go get 1 of them. 1 shipped, drove for the other.. a few hundred more.

    but the point is, the prices vary wildly all over.. some just want them gone out of thier driveway, others move, other loose interest and then you have the sharks looking for top dollar.. depends on how long your willing to wait to sell it.

    its summer now, so it should be easier to sell. a little more money too. prices die in the winter time..

    Location is important too just like supply n demand.. Good Luck!

    Add 125-300 for the trailer.. depends what your area gets for them..I'd say 850 for all over it if it runs.

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    Thanks guys.. Not really looking to sell right now, just not sure if I wanta drop thousands of dollars in a 800 dollar ski

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