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    Coolant loss 2008 RXTX?

    Hi, just bought a new 2008 RXTX and in less then 1 hour it lost all it's coolant and the error code 1111.6 came on indicating a coolant issue with the machine. Normally I'd drive straight back to the dealer and demand a new one but he is 9 hours away and I am on the first day of a week long vacation and don't want to miss 2 days driving it back and forth so.......does anybody have any good suggestions on where this coolant might be going to or where I should begin looking for the leaks.
    Is it true that the 2006-2008 models were prone to this? What was the most common problems?
    ( Thanks in advance for any help you guys might have!).

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    is the coolant inside your hull?
    is there any residue that there was coolant inside your hull?

    if your answer was no, to both these questions then your plug on the rideplate is gone..or lose.

    fill the coolant
    hook it to the water hose
    run the engine for less than a minute
    it and see if its leaking anywhere near the rideplate.

    maybe during prep they forgot to tightened it.
    its a 5mm allen bolt
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    Thank you for the info..........will check that right off. I have also heard that there are head gasket issues with theses models, is that true or just a rumour?

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    its true on modified machines with high boost, i just did mine, but i doubt its your problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by masta2000 View Post
    its true on modified machines with high boost, i just did mine, but i doubt its your problem
    +1 and also Its a good idea to generally check the torque on your head bolts from the manufacturer. My rear 4 were only around 20FT LBS. You could spin them by hand pretty much.

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