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    enduro race les cook 260x monster

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    I'm thinking that putting anything decent powerwise aboard an S3 hull and its going to hand it to you,..not to mention that it is Les's boat

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    get 3 seater
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    i think it was the jacket u were wearing that slowedd u down

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    From what I have heard that is all he has done to it. I bet its revving hard.

    Im sure that he will have removed the fly by wire throttle and gone back to a normal TB.


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    i am on the same boat as rxp270 i really hope they bring a new 2 seater out , i love the look of the 260x and handles crazy but i still prefer somthing alittle smaller and less like a small boat

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    les has only put autronics and a air duct on this ski, stock class built including stock s/c goes well aye!

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    last i cheecked thats what i said he new two seaters anytime soon.

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