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    Thermostat 96 SLX780

    Guys, I did a search and now have questions? It sounds like a lot of you remove the thermostats from these 780 motors, is this true? I assume this allows for even better cooling? What is the benefit? What is the loss? Why do they install them if they arent needed? I live in Florida. The air temp is 97 today and the water is close to 90 in the areas I will ride mid summer. Would not hurt my feelings to have free flowing coolant.

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    The drag about a thermostat is if it goes bad while on the water and you have no tools, it's a tow back in.
    The nice thing about a thermostat is it makes for quicker warm ups and keeps the engine at a desired temperature.
    I don't have a thermostat in any PWC I own.

    Funny thing is I lost the water pump on my Ski Centurion while at the lake this week, I replaced the water pump and was mostly so I have a heater during the winter.

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