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    taking the carb box off??

    ok im replacing my fuel lines on my 96 xp... i need help cant figure out how to get the carb bov off any help please?

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    It is held on with 6 latches that you have to slide over to release. There is a small tab on each one that you need to lift up on and then slide the whole tab over until it releases.

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    i got the top of the box off but im trying to replace the fuel lines and i was trying to take it all the way out.... if tehre is an easier way to do the lines with out taking it out please let me know

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    If you are replacing the gray tempo lines, you should really remove and clean your carbs and fuel selector as well. It is a little bit of a pain, but it will save you lots in the long run.

    You just have to get the top of the airbox off, then the bottom half is attached to the flame arrestor with 4 or 6 allen screws. Your best bet is to do 1 line at a time so that you don't end up getting lines mixed up.

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    hes asking if the bottom half of the box comes out of the hull with out pulling the answer that question, yes it does come out. you just have to play with it and it does come out...its a little PIA but it does come out.

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