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    Trying to help a friend - probs with his FX HO please advise.

    I am not a yamaha guy and know nothing about this ski or motor
    I thought Id come in here to see if anyone can give me any leads or suggestions.

    I just got a call from a friend this morning. He has an 05/06 FX HO. He took it out for the first time this season and the oil light came on. He brought it in and found that his ski dumped 4 qts of oil into his hull. He asked me where to look for the leak. He said that the only thing he did between last season and now was change the oil and the ski ran fine right up until the end of last year. I believe this ski has over 200hrs on it.

    I told him to fill it up with oil and have a neighbor help him look for the leak and start it if need be. I figure anything that drains 4qts of oil out of your ski in an hour or so has to be very visible. I have not yet heard back from him.

    Obviously, if this were a car and you do an oil change then then it leaks, you look to the filter gasket.. but on a seadoo the filter is contained which would not allow that to happen. I do not know how Yamaha 4strokes are set up.
    Is there anywhere that these skis are prone to leaking?
    Is there any type of external oil cooler that has hoses coming out of it that might pop off?

    LMK if anyone has any advice. Im going to try to go over there Monday or Tues to help him. Id just like to see if there are any leads first.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If he recently changed the oil & filter. it's possible the filter wasn't tight enough and is coming loose. The filters are hard to get to on the fxho's. Easy to see. Not much room for leverage.

    If he changed the oil, but no filter. It's possible that the filter rotted through. Last year we had a female owned fxho in our group. She changed her oil, but not the filter in over a year and she rides a mix of salt & fresh water and the filter rotted and blew out on a ride.

    Her low oil came on, Hull full of oil. Had to tow her in 20 miles.

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    Thanks for the help. He did change the oil but not the filter. He rides 100% salt and does not hose it down like he should. I'll bet your speculation is accurate. I had a feeling it had to be something with the filter. So these just screw on like a car filter and have a gasket? Seadoos are a bit diff.

    I'll tell you what, this ski is a testament to the reliability of yamahas. He does not take care of this thing and lets everyone and his brother ride it. 200hrs and zero issues. I think the only thing he ever had to replace was a prop and wear ring from riding it up on the beach.

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    What's the trick to getting the filter off btw? He says he doesn't know how to get it off. I haven't seen it yet.

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    just like a car filter . . screw on screw off . . . might need to put a big screw driver threw it for leverage . . . always helps

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    FX Oil Change

    FX140 oil change.wmv (6.56 MB, 142 views)

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    I did that years ago and it seperated the casing from the rest of the filter so the casing spun but filter would not come off. It turned into a three hour oil change..

    I guessing have to see this filter. I appreciate the help fellas. Thanks!!

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    Always always torque the filter up on these motors. The spec is only 17 Nm which is not that tight & will save a lot of trouble come the next change.

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    i always torque the filters on my fx ho's. there is cast aluminum filter wrench that is the bomb on these filters. dont get the stamped steel ones, they slip. the wrench also fits the oil filter cover on my 09 1800cc toyota matrix

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    Well I think we have the oil leak under control. This filter was in bad shape.. it was rusty and partially collapsed

    We took it out for a water test and I found more issues.. the biggest issue being that the ski revs up but goes no where. After further inspection, I found a broken motor mount and discovered that the motor moves all over the place and can be lifted up by hand
    My guess is that the broken motor mount screwed up the alignment in the driveshaft system somewhere and stripped out the splines in the shaft, the prop, or inside the motor.. We are hoping that it is not the latter of course.

    He left the ski here and I plan to pull the pump in the AM for an inspection.

    My new question is - are GPR mounts the same? I have access to a bunch of GPR mounts so that would be an easy fix. If they are different, we will have to track one down.

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