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    04 STX 15F idles high varying between 1800-2500.

    Hey Guys. Just picked up an 04 STXF 15 with 77 hours on it. Ran great when I first rode it. Went 62mph no probs. Now when i came back to shore it idled at about 3mph in water (too quick)
    On trailer it idles now at about between 1800-2500 rpm It varies up and down ie .Not consistent at all and wont go back down to a consistent 1250 rpm.

    It had probably a little old gas in it when I got it. I put 12 gallons 93 in it and it run great and still does- Just has too high an idle!.
    Any idea what wil cause this on the 04 15F guys.Any help is appreciated. Dont really want to go and buy 4 different parts to eliminate!
    Throttle body?
    dirty gas?

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    Stepper motor

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    Mine did something like that when it was new, it was something to do with the smart steer. Bad sensor in the handlebars if I remember correctly. Its an 04.

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    Dunno if you guys are still on this forum, but did you resolve the high idle issue? My '04 15F seems to hang a little above idle when the throttle is chopped.... then it takes a few taps or fiddling with the throttle lever to get it to settle and drop to normal idle... but no stalling or anything else wrong besides this hanging idle. I hav a feeling it might be the start steering.. but what part of it would be the culprit? Maybe the sensor? I think it uses magnets or something.

    Anyone else have this issue?

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