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    Red face 2003 XL700 Red Flashing Light.....

    Have an 03 XL700 that for the most part runs great.......had it out this weekend in a filthy lake and sucked up a bunch of crap.....managed to get it blown out but now the red light on the hood doesn't go off when we start it up, it flashes indefinitely.......there's 1/2 tank of oil, it is burning the oil (we can see the smoke) and it seems to be running fine with the exception of the light but I'm petrified to keep running it with that light on.......what exactly does the light mean???

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    On the hose does water come out of all the passages? May be the overheat if you clogged up the water lines or water jacket on the engine. If you let the ski sit for a couple of hrs and then start it, does the light come on right away? If so doubt it is a over heat situation.

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    I dont believe it's an overheat situation but I cannot be absolutely sure. Is that flashing red light an indicator for overheating or for oil levels....I just don't know what that light means. Rode it hard, passed through a canal on the lake at idle speed, when leaving the canal (full of crap by the way) couldn't get it up on a plane again, bogging down really bad. When we arrived at shore, turned it off and pulled a bunch of seaweed and crap out of it......was able to get it back up to full speed BUT the red light was blinking from the moment I started the ski again......I have a manual for it online but I cant seem to find out other than oil what that light might mean....the oil tank is about half full and it is using oil as I can see and smell it while it's running...........perplexed.

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    The light will be for various things one being low oil, low fuel, and over heat and low voltage. IF you pulled in a lot of sea weed that can create an over heat situation by clogging up the strainer on your pump thus reducing water flow to the engine. Sounds like it could be a flow issue and would check that first. Again when you flushed it on the hose how was the water flow and did the warning light stay off?

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    I've pretty much been scouring the internet and all I can come up with is oil.....I've read two conflicting says it's nothing more than an oil indicator light and since these particular units were mass produced as rental skis the floats in the oil tank are set higher so they warn sooner so that they dont run the engines out of oil.........and then there's those on here who've said it could be different things. Planning to remove the bottom plate from the ski, completely clean out and flush the unit and go from there. If anyone can confirm though that is in fact just an oil level light at blink.........that would be helpful!

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    If you want to confirm if it's an oil issue fill up the oil tank first and see if it goes off

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