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    Round MFD Repair

    I did a repair on my oval MFD from instructions on this site. The repair turned out perfect.

    Now I have 2 round MFD's that are missing parts of the display and are generally faded looking. Is there any detailed info on fixing the round MFD's?

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    Nobody has tried it?

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    The round MFD is much harder to open up without damaging the insides, and the internal LCD contact arrangement is different.

    It is doable, just not as likely to result in a working display.

    The round MFD I cut open already had fatal problems, so I wasn't worried about damaging it further.

    Cut around the outside perimeter of the large diameter section of the face, about 2mm forward from the rear lip of the large diameter front section.

    The plastic shell is about 4mm thick, and the thin film conductor for the front panel buttons is right inside the plastic shell, right below where the buttons are located.

    When you are cutting around the face, do not cut any deeper than necessary (4mm), as the electronics are packed in tightly right next to the casing.

    I used a Dremel cutting wheel and took my time going around the case.

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    Has anyone had success in opening and repairing the round MFD? I have two round displays, both with the same problem of dim segments of some digits. One of the displays I purchased brand new on ebay, still in the original box with 2/10 hour on it. After about 1 hour some of the segments were dim.
    Guess it sat on the shelf for a long time. I have reviewed all the the thrends on this subject and got a lot of excellent information. It is appreciated.

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