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    wont crank

    i got the 85 550 last year and i fog it and put fuel stabilizer in it when to start it this year and it crank over but not enough to start tryed to charg the battry and put a volt meter to it said it had 12 volts now it wont crank is there a fuse i need to look at can i try to start it of a old car battery i have ??lol i am new to this stuff who want it come and get it lol
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    If you are sure the battery is charged I would first start checking to make sure you have a good ground if it is not cranking. It could also be you have a bad starter if you have checked all connections and you have a good ground. I can't say if they have a fuse but I am sure they do. If so I am sure someone could tell you where to find them that are more familiar with that ski if they do have fuses. If it does and the fuses are good, and you know the battery is good then I would then take the starter off and test it to see if it is good.

    To test the starter, take it off the motor and just make two wire leads off a known good working battery and connect the post to the battery. pos to pos and neg to neg. If it is good it will spin, if it is bad it will do nothing. If it does nothing then you know the starter is bad and you will need to replace it. Do the first above suggestions, check grounds, lose wires, fuses (if applicable). Then if nothing test the starter as described.

    If I had to take a guess from what you described I would say the starter is bad since it was weak and the battery was good and know you get nothing.

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    thanks tex

    thanks tex i got it the is not a fuse that i know about i just got a good jump box and tried that and it work just need a battery i guess , hope i sell it first lol

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