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Thread: whats wrong ?

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    whats wrong ?

    Alright heres the problem. I had a new impeller installed and took it to the lake. The hole shot was awesome but it stop accelerating. It stayed at about same speed , maybe 25mph. When turning running this speed it slowed down even more . Does anyone know what the problem may be ? Its a 96xp 787 motor.

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    motor mods?

    what prop did you put in?

    what were your rpms at stall?

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    no motor mods. solas prop.about 3500 rpms.

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    Symtoms of circulatory clog, ACK!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlandog View Post
    no motor mods. solas prop.about 3500 rpms.
    Which Solas did you buy? XO? bogging at 3500 R's seems like a stuck rave valve....I assume that it didnt do this before you put the prop in? also I wonder if the prop is turning against a tight wear ring(if you changed it out) otherwise I think that the prop is too tall since we dont know what you are working with.

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