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    650 bogging down

    after maybe 45 minutes of ride time my ski just bogged down and would barely plane out. it would run fine with the hood off as i made a few minor adjustments to the carb and tooled around close to the beach, wouldn't have any problems gettin over 50. as soon as i thought i had things fixed though i put the hood back on and after maybe 30 seconds it lost power and went back to plane out speed. i didn't have any exhaust leaks and removed both breather tubes from the hood and still didn't have any luck. just acts like it can't breathe. any advice (besides sinking, almost did that anyway)

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    I would say your missing something. Vent tube or what ever fresh air intake set up have is not letting enough air into the carbs or getting smootherd out. My old ride had an exhaust leak and you really couldnt tell with the seat off. Double check that. I dont think it is a fuel tank vent but check it and take it off your list.

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    +1 exhaust leak

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