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    Angry Rxp Starting Problems

    Ok just want to get anyones opinion on what next to try on this RXP 2007.
    Just to recap i have no history on this ski but this is what i have found and tried.

    I have replaced the following
    CPS sensor
    Checked harness resistance found ok.
    Openrd up motor found suspect damage from supercharger previous damage.(while open i replaced chain cam gear chain guides and tensioner. also trigger wheel)
    Carried out timing iaw manual using both cranskshaft and cam shaft locking tool

    After all this stil getting PO337.

    I know suspect ECU or Harness??/?
    What i am also concerned is the previous mechanic may have swopped cranks with another motor.
    In what relation is the camshaft sensor pick up timed with the trigger wheel.I have installed it correctly with the dowl pin.The trigger wheel triigger opening is below the cps sensor with the shafts locked.You wouldn't have a 215hp motor open to take a pic would you.?
    What is the rpm with starter engaged and engne in drowned moded?I think it could also be the engine rpm low during starting.(battery is new)

    Anyone with any ideas or should i just burn this ski


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    what is happening when the ski is on its it running what is it doing pleaase gve more info

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