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    Anclote river - sea grass?

    I'm curious if anyone rides regularly around Anclote. Is floating grass usually a problem in this area to clog your intakes? Is it just a problem during low tide?

    I was up there last weekend and lots of floating sea grass along the channel to the river and around the ramp in the park. I'm thinking the bigger boats must chop it up from the bottom at low tide, but it was a royal pain for the skis. We made a couple runs to the ramp from the islands and were clogged up every time. One of the skis kept overheating...must have a piece of grass in the intake even though the pissers on both sides were working.

    It is a very nice area, but I don't want to go back again if this is going to be a problem each time.

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    Yeah, this time of the year there is a lot of seaweed around Anclote. I never had that much of a problem though. You have to avoid the large patches. Through fall and spring there is no seaweed.

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