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    prop install

    so i ordered a porp for my 01gp1200r.. got the stock one off last night and im preparing for the new one to come in.. ive read i shuld use some anti seize on the threads but how tight should i tigten a solas concord prop or dose it not matter a whole lot since it probobly tightens as it turns..thanks

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    My Skatrak came with a torque setting of 18Nm (1.8m/kg, 13ft/lb) which is the same as the Yamaha manual states. It does tighten in use, but best have it tight at assembly. I used a little antisieze, as the original was a SOB to get off even when the joint was broken, it fought hard all the way off!

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    thank i planned on getting it good and snug but wasnt shure if it had to had to be tq specd

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