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    Strange but true tales....

    So this nice couple shows up at the lake for a fathers day outing. One of thier skis ( a yam 760) has been misbehaving since day 1 (they bought a pair) the other running fine.

    So I give it the once over and notice a bit of a plastic bag sticking out from the flame arrestor..

    "know what this is about?"

    "uh my cousin borrowed these skis last year..he said that made it run ok, he rebuilt the carbs too"

    alrighty then....

    So i have a look at this a bit deeper..the Mag plug is as white as a ghost..the PTO is great.

    "needs some carb work"

    "ok..we'd like to use it this weekend"

    fine..too hot to work out in the yard anyway(over 100 last weekend) so I roll it into the shop, close the door and crank up the a/c ( an advantage of this old bank building is the freon based a/c..we call it "refrigerated" here..vs. evaporative "swamp" cooler, which doesn't do squat if the humidty is higher then 15-20%)

    get the carbs off the manifold and I nearly fall over..there is huge globs of rtv around the fuel pump cover. Allen screws on the diaphragm covers also<shake head ruefully>

    I pull it apart....

    there is RTV _everywhere_..the fuel pump rubber gasket is in backwards! and crinkeled like the carb ate couple of cans of gumout. The cover of the Mag fuel pump is sanded smooth..bits of rtv everywhere. I blow a 1 inch plug of rtv out of the high speed screw hole

    I get the owner on the phone and ask him to come down..who would believe this?

    Logn story short the ski went out and the owenr reported it ran great(after I had it apart a few more times to get the final bits of rtv out of the nooks and crannies..I had to hit it with some really high pressure air to dislodge the last few bits out of the low speed circuits).

    So I'm cleaning up and pick up the plastic bag that was over the mag flame arrestor...

    it says:

    "Quality is our job"

    <UAW logo>

    "United Auto Workers"'s the deal...I don't try to be an automatic transmission keep your hands off of jetskis.

    Almost as good as the tigershark monetego I had last year with broken motor plate bolts, the owner had used some steel cable and turnbuckles to hold the engine down.

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    Wow pete you get some real winners out there in the desert

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    only the most entertaining of stories

    are posted here..I should be working on some kind of book.

    This plastic bag rtv story is certainly in he top twenty f ups of all times however.

    Now I'll admit when I was much much younger, i used fuel hose to run an automatic transmission cooling line..I'll clearly admit to not knowing better...and of course my favorite personal tale of setting up the distributor on my first Chevy truck.

    "you mean there's a firing order?"

    So that darn well gives me license to share these tales for the amusements for my pals here.

    I'll give the owner of the yam some credit..his original call was to price out some new carbs, nodoubt he had some clue that his cousin wasn't what we call one of the vise grip hammer and screwdriver guys that even knew to get under the shady part of the tree.

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