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    Are you in "The Addiction"???

    Riders in Order of Appearance:

    "Pancake Pete" Scheidt, Michael Ratti, Ross Champion, Nick "Yamaslut" Foederer, Jason "The Destroyer" Stoyer, Paul Lehr, Randy Richardson, Jeff Marsh, Joe Kenney, Brad Berman, Joe Blanche, Johnny Havell, Taylor Curtis, Pat Bogart, Mark Cooper, Lance Lundquist, Lucas Chaffin, John LaButti, Fabien Ballayer, Jeremy Parr, Kennie "KMAC" McKenzie, Bill Haig, Eric Legopoulos, Johnny Smith, Leanne Falvey, David "Boober" McConnell, Rob Greenwald, David Cabrera, Brian Baldwin, Jesse "Wasteland" Martin, Jimmy "Jawbreaker" Sweeney, Paul Puchalski, Andy Frechette, "Cowboy" Kelly, Harrison "Big Kahuna" Lanford, Jason Hurt, Casey Goldman, Neil "RMBC Freeride" Ohrdorf, Glen "Glory Freestyle" Glorioso, Larry Spector, Luke Schneider, Kevin Witt, Francois "Flying Dutchman" Lorho, Kristele Guidice, Rob Flores, Jeff Troegner, Jeff Lutker, Billy Dearman, Scotty Biggs, Tim Bushman, Keifer King, Riff Del Pardo, Chris Hagest, Craig Warner, Steve McGregor, Jens Springmann, Cary Lewis, Paul Mummolo, Rob Crossley, Edwin "Yamasaki" Rivera, Scott Watkins, Steve Parenteau, Eric Malone, Mike Phenes, Chris MacClugage, Mitch Newlin, Carmine Colangleo, Matt Hagest, Zach Genrich, Brad Maloney, Justin Luinstra, Andrew Mayes, Autumn Proctor, Don Morningstar, Matt Oppen, Rick Sherker, Jerry Jones, Matt Smith, Mike Serlin, Derek Gleason, Eddie Bettencourt, Brad Weiss, Luke Monson, Craig "Fuzzy" Boyd, Vince Colft, Raymond "RB" Barre, Joe "Sicki" Gesicki, Jerry Brandon, Shawn Dudly, and Preston Jenson

    Special Appearances by:

    Mark "MadOyster" Lewis, Kara Chaffin, Shawn "Penguin" Pachlhofer, Sharpie Chic, Pushrod, Moondance, Wayne, Andy "Tiny" Tworek (and his meat), Will, Gene, Milf, Mike Young, and many more....

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    what is this?

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    Is there a link to the video??

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    Quote Originally Posted by psycho rxp View Post
    Is there a link to the video??

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