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    2006 kawasaki stx 12f

    For anyone who has owned a stx 12f, have they been reliable machines, or has anyone experienced any problems? I've finally narrowed down my choices to a couple of jet skis and a 2006 stx 12f is one of them.

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    I have a 2005 with 160 hours on it. I have had no problems other than the steering cable breaking. Its a fast machine with great power out of the hole.

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    1st time posting here...and I have a feeling I'll be around here a fair bit. I am in the Republic of Panama half time during the cold Canadian blizzards and I was down here last June for a week or so to get my house ready for some unexpected renters. During this time frame I stumbled upon a 2006 Stx-f12 with 90 hours on it and a trailer. $4000 grand seemed about upper edge but when it comes to boats and toys here in Panama, these items hold their values far more than they do in North America.
    I ran it for a test drive on the Pacific and she seemed to purr along fine..the deal was struck and then I parked it at a friends place until I returned just the other day. No luck starting it, even after the new battery was installed, so after having read some advice here on this forum, I disconnected the fuel line to see if the pump had anything to offer..nada. So I pulled the unit out of the tank and realized my error..I forgot to fill up the tank before I left it at my friends place. The pump was full of rust. I cleaned it as best I could and gave it 12 volts on the bench. Still no dice. At the moment it is soaking in Kerosene and I figure I will give it 24 hrs and a few polite taps with a ball-peen hammer with fingers crossed.
    Finding a Kawasaki dealer down here is on the to do list, but me thinks I will be jumping in with both feet out of sheer necessity with tool box in tow..
    There is a generic pump I see listed here on the site that can apparently be retro fitted for about a hundred and a half..vs the 500.00 dealer +/- route - So my question: Who here has taken the $$$ shortcut and gone with the generic retrofit fuel pump what were the hoops and hurdles?

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    Re: 2006 kawasaki stx 12f

    Walbro gs342 its fine. Put it in and go.


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    +1 for the Walbro Pump! The factory one on mine died about 22 hours in.

    Installation was easy, I thought it was a little tight for the original fuel pump holder...but definately worth it...and way cheaper.

    There are even some cheaper ones on Ebay for $40 that will get the job done.

    On my machine, I had another issue (the fuel pressure regulator), so I bought a cheap one with a gauge. It looks neat, and it gets the job done.

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