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    SL 750 CDI problem

    Im new be nice I was directed over here from the tech and tip secition.

    Well I bought two 94 SL 750's from my friend on the trailer for 1200. I played on the ski's all last summer loved them. when he pulled them out this year one had no fire, one ran great. I took them home went to the lake played with the good one ran great, sluggish on bottom end. today i decided to track down the problem on the other one after reading through the FSM I pulled the CDI box out of the good one put it in the one that wouldnt start and it fired right up so I took that one to the lake ran it for awhile my friend jumped off it, got thrown from it then it wouldnt start just like it did before. so we took them home still no start... now they both sat on the trailer and turned over. I then took the CDI box from the bad ski and put in in the good ski, turned over no spark. swapped it back now neither ski will even turn over. Now I like an idiot did not disconnect the battery ground. could I have messed up both boxes. after sitting in the sun for 2 hours I was pissed and decided to give up and talk to you guys. any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Sounds like you need one or two replacement CDI modules.

    Make sure the plastic battery covers are on place. It is important that the electrical box NEVER touch the battery terminals.

    You can but good used CDI from a number of sources. Look through the Poalris Classifieds on here for parted out machines of similar models. The year does not have to be exactly the same.

    Also try John Zigler.

    Polaris PWC Parts Sources

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    not to sounds stupid but isnt the box plastic? why would the terminals touching the box , not questioning just wanting to learn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slipknotanfitch9 View Post
    ... isn't the box plastic?...
    I think the older electrical boxes are made of aluminum, not plastic.

    Scratch yours - is it metal?

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    No deff plastic hum well I'll go play with them tommorow

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    My ski's CDI has

    Will a f8t16273 work

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    That is the LEAST desirable CDI. It has the least amount of timing for any ski.

    And I think it's an anaolg signal, where yours used a digital signal.

    Keep searching...

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    Hook up ground wire. Ski worky then.

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    Ha ha ha thank you Jason, turns out my electrical box IS metal..... Oh well every expert was a novice at one point

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