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    2 vs 4 stroke ski vs jet boat?

    I have a 99 ultra 150 & my fiance has 2 older seadoo's a 2 seater (which has water phobia) & a 3 seater that runs & we use. We went to a lake to play this past weekend & she mentioned we should sell my ski to get a 3 seater thus allowing us to take more people along. She has 3 kids & I know it's going to be tight on my ski with 2 people when they get older......... I have never been on a newer 4 stroke thus I have no clue how they behave. What I like about my old ultra 150 is how easy it is to jump wakes & all that stuff..... Her ski just kinda plows through stuff plus it has no power.

    How do the newer 3seat ski's behave when there are waves to jump? Any idea how the MPG compares to my ultra 150? My ski sucks the fuell down a LOT faster then what her ski does but I am also on the power a lot more.

    I purchased tripple pipes, carbs & everything else to throw on my ski but I figure before we throw it on my ultra (it's bone stock now) I need to decide if I should consider something newer. It's definantly easy to get lots of power out of the newer turbo/supercharged engines, just wondering besides the acceleration & top speed improvement over my 150, how does the handling compare??

    I have also been tossing the idea around about selling possibly both of her seadoo's & buy a jet boat, speedster or something like that. Needs to carry 5 people minimum plus a few dogs...... how do they compare?

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    Here's a pic of a 4stroke 3 seater getting some air while two up.

    I get much better mileage than you...and have quite a few more ponies at the same time.

    If you're gonna be haul'n kids around as well as dogs and picnic baskets....get the boat. Take up wake-boarding or something fun like that.

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    thanks..... any models or brands I should consider? I have a ultra but I am not stuck on that brand

    I have the mods to get my ski to 75-76 mph...... 200 ish HP & I think about 600 lbs. & I know if I throw the go-fast stuff on the ski the mpg will drop a lot which is making me thing I need to look elsewhere.

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    sell the ski and the parts you have and put the money into a four stroke.... for the money you will be going faster, getting better mpg, and still be able to jump waves

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    I would definately be look at 4 stroke. Just the better MPG. As far as boat vs. ski, thats a personal preference. I went from ski to boat. When i say boat, I went prop drive comp. ski boat. When I had my ski I found I either had to many people for one ski or it was just me riding solo on the lake. With the boat I can take everyone, still have room for gear, and everyone can talk with each other. You just cant toss a boat around like a ski though, and in my case hit the top speeds.

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