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    Engine Runs but Seadoo Won't Go

    Hello All,

    Brand new to PWCs. Just got a 94 GTX. I was riding. It was running fine and then lost power. Engine runs, but it won't go. Where do I start?


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    Welcome to the world of PWCs. I would check compression on the cylinders, you can also check your impeller and wear ring.

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    Welcome to GH!

    what led up to the malfunction? Im betting either you stripped the splines on the drive shaft, the PTO, or the prop. In the hull you need to pull the accordion boot with the metal flange rearward( its kinda hard but it will move) to expose the rubber o-ring around the drive shaft and slide that forward. then take the pump off. its four bolts and you will also need to pull and shimmy it till it comes off. then you can see what is stripped.

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    I think that '94 will have the bearing and seal on the drive shaft instead of the carbon seal.

    My guess would be the wear ring. I had one do that once. I had ridden several miles up the Tn. river just fine. We were running out in the channel too, so no sandbars or anything like that. We stopped for a break and when I started back up it ran up to 3000 like it was on the trailer and would not move.

    Just instantly, bam, no wear ring. I got it home and pulled the pump and the ring had not come apart, as they are want to do, but it was at about 1.6mm in clearance to the outer edge of the prop.

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