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    Help with 4Tec beeper?

    A while back, I bought two 04 GTX Supercharged skis for our lake house. These are my first 4tecs and we have been pretty pleased with them. The only issues we have had are 1) steering nut broke on the thru hull on one, that was easy enough to fix 2) one has a warning beeper that goes off intermittently.

    This is what is driving me crazy. This thing rides fine. But, every once in a while, the warning beeper goes off. It is about a 3 second beep. I read on here that if you hit the set button 5 times, it will tell you the code. All this thing does is display 'END' when you do that. And, it seems to do it when you hit a hard bump in the water. The motor doesn't seem hot, I checked all the fluids, I cleaned the waterbox temp sensor, no warning light goes off on the display. It will go into limp mode for a split second if you hold it open for more than 10 seconds or so. It is weird. I had both superchargers rebuilt and everything looked good. Can someone please point me in the right direction as to what it could be and what I should do. Even when it goes into limp mode, it still doesn't display any code.

    Any ideas?????


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    How is the coolant level?

    What rpms are you spinning?

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    I checked the coolant level, it is fine. I didn't check rpms, but the two skis are pretty much even in terms of side by side running. Honestly, other than the beeping and slight limp mode, the ski runs great. It is the weirdest thing.


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    Also, you might wanna check you oil pressure switch,It has a small plug going into it,sometimes there could be a bad connection or just a little moisture. I had an rxp doing the same-thing to me and that's what it was.

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