Hey guys i have a quick question.

Well after my ski was working perfect before i winterized it. So i go to turn it on recently to take it out for the first time this season my battery was some how DEAD so i went and bought a new one thinking that was my issue. I put it in and then go to crank it and all i hear is my starter spinning and sometimes it would grip on and try to start but wouldnt turn and just spin spin. I went pulled the starter out checked it and the front is fine no broken gears. The bendix looks perfect no gears as well broken the fly wheel same thing. Now i was reading and i need a washer spring washer in the stator cover where the bendix goes. Now if i dont have the 2 washers just the spring in there could that effect it from trying to start the ski?

Thank you very much. Im just going insane. i put everything together and had the same issue. Now i was reading and see the washer spring washer but dont know if that would make a difference thank you