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    96 700 SLT update

    I guess I need to give you guys that helped me a update!Ign (fixed) oil pump ( not pumping as far as I can tell still mixing) water problem(pulled drive shaft, seal collar bushings allmost completely gone,no wonder it leaked drive shaft ruined,looked like it had never been greased.I pulled the parts I needed out of a junked sl same as the slt.New problem steering has to much play!changed one slightly worn joint checked the other one and also the bolts and rear pivot.I am thinking cable housing is worn inside.Has anyone ever heard of this? Thanks guys for your help! Keith

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    Thanks for keeping us updated

    Let's try to keep it together in as few threads as possible. Makes it easier for everyone to see what else has been covered and discussed already

    Prior threads;
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    Need Help K447

    Need help! 1996 Polaris 700 slt

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    Sorry I am new to this

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