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    Smile 1996 GTS won't run in water

    I picked up a 96 GTS for our daughter... When I picked it up, it had a broken wrist pin bearing. She replaced that and put it all back together... She is getting 125 compression on each cylinder. Ski runs awesome out of the water, but will die as soon as it hits the water and will not start in the water. Any advice? This is all new to us...



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    wondering if you ever solved this problem? im having a similar issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mwinschel View Post
    wondering if you ever solved this problem? im having a similar issue.
    Yes, Check your timing on the rotery valve, our bottom end had brass shavings as the brass timing gear was worn out on rotery shaft and jumped time.

    These are the links I had to fix it... Hope they help... Good Luck and let me know how it goes


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