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    How do I set up my trailer for GP and superjet?

    Hey guys i'm going to pose another question for you...

    I have a double trailer that held both of my Gp1300's. It's an wide performance trailer with the widest tires they make.

    Anyway I have taken one of the GP's off and want to put my superjet on it. I moved the GP more toward the centre of the trailer, and did the same with the superjet trying to focus the weight in the middle of the trailer. Still doesn't seem to tow nicely..

    Any ideas?. I won't be keeping the 2 Gp's on the double because i'm selling one GP, and have purchased a single trailer for it.

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    How far to the front is the sj sitting?

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    You did not really describe "how" it towed...
    Does it tend to sway while at speed? If so the most common reason is insufficient tongue weight. Skis are top heavy on the trailer and readily induce sway.
    Make sure tire pressure is up and put about 12 to 15% of the loaded weight on the hitch ball. Many persons try to keep hitch weight down to make it easier to lift the hitch onto the ball - big mistake. If necessary position the skis farther forward on the trailer.
    The tow vehicle can add to the problem if the rear end is not stiff enough and the trailer weight can "rear steer" the vehicle. Not as common a problem, but some small cars are affected.

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