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Thread: RI Air Show

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    RI Air Show

    Just found out this was happening this weekend....its the rhode island air show in north kingston, RI,0.222988&z=13

    I will be in jamestown with my skis for the weekend so I will be out there checking it out, if any of you guys decide to go let me know and maybe we can meet up.

    Best launch is probably going to be galilee (point judith) since it is free, has pretty ample parking and is closer to people from CT who would be going.

    There is another public launch in mill cove/wickford harbor which is right next to where the air show is (juuust south) but you might run into air show traffic getting there.

    Newport might be a viable option for lunch but I have been having trouble finding information on where to park the ski for a couple hours.

    edit: jamestown itself might be a better place for lunch since it is easier to get in and out of than newport and it seems like slips are available. There are a couple complimentary ones available from the town and then the main marina right in town has 2 hour slips for 1.50 per foot.

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    There are a couple of ramps in Jamestown to launch from. You can use the one in the center of town, theres one in FT. Getty (they charge you to get into the park) and FT. Wetherill.

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    yea, I plan on launching at the center of town or wetherill, just figured for anyone not already in jamestown somewhre on the mainland might be more convenient.

    Have you launched your ski at wetherill? We have always avoided that ramp with my dads boat...its a little steep isnt it? I am trying to decide whether or not to give it a go with my is more convenient than the center of town

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    I would launch from FT. Getty, they probably charge 5-10 bucks to enter the campground, but it will be closer to get to the airshow (don't have to go around the island). Are you riding Sat and Sunday?

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    I am staying in a house near wetherill for the weekend so I might just put in there since it is so close by and since I plan on riding on that side of the island some anyway. Looks like its about 10 miles to go out of wetherill and up the east side of the island to the air show...thats not too bad. ill keep fort getty in mind though.

    I will be riding in the bay area all weekend (Point Judith->Newport->Jamestown->Gansett), if a group was going to check out the air show I would probably meet up with them but otherwise I dont know exactly when I would head up there or for how long..

    I take it you are familiar with the area khaos? are there any nice beaches/sand bars that are good to pull up on to hang out for a while and take a break from riding? As I understand it (first time in the ocean) you arent supposed to ride anywhere near the public beaches (200' from swimming areas?).

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    Yes, I know the area well. I plan on riding Sunday with one of my buddies, I can meet up with you and show you some of the sites. There are a couple of beaches that allow you to drive up on. Some great places to catch some waves too.

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    did you go to this khaos? I went up on saturday but didnt realize how early it ended and we got to the fringes of the massive cloud of boats right as the last couple "acts" were cruising through.....then I was all set to go on-time on sunday since I found the schedule of events and got the skis in the water earlier...and the fog came right in on top of us for the whole day. couldnt see shit. was it like that up by the air show?

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