I Just bought this ski from a guy who had the reciepts for a recent rebuild and said it only had 20 hours on the new engine. I took it out on the lake and a friend tipped it and the hull took on water. I made the mistake of trying to start it up before looking into what kind of problems that might cause and it just killed the battery. Then after doing some looking around I found that I needed to take out the spark plugs and turn the engine til the water was out. Did that and changed the spark plugs since they looked old anyways. Got it started just fine, then took it out to the water again. It started just fine then once I tried to accelerate it just bogged down and wouldnt go over 10 mph. I noticed that when ever i'd come out of a hard left turn it would start to accelerate and I could get it up to about 30, but only for 15-20 seconds and it would drop back down to 10 mpg...I was thinking a carb rebuild would fix it, but this is my first ski and I only really know about cars.