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    2001 XLT 1200- Problem

    I have a 2001 Xlt 1200 and when I gun it winds up, almost like a clutch slipping, then starts to take off, then flys like a bat out of hell.

    Does anyone know what could cause this? Do they have clutch plates?

    Any info is surely appreciated...

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    Cavitation of the prop. Search the forum for cavitation, and wear rings.

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    What he said, cavitation. Gonna need a pump plug kit, and you need to look at the prop; if it's been doing that for a while, it will probably look like swish cheese. Find a used prop on here if you need one, put the plug kit in, and it will feel like a new boat.

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    Sounds like mine did. If it's that bad, you're gonna need more than a pump plug kit (PPK).

    At the very least, you'll need to replace your wear ring. Depending on how bad the pitting and burn on the prop is, you'll probably need to replace that also.

    It's a good idea to do a PPK while you're in there.

    Keep in mind that a PPK for the XLT and the one for the GPR are different.

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    Does it do this all the time or only after you've been idling for a bit or going through a no wake zone? If so then your water box is filling up and when you go to take off your ski has to push all the water out to clear the exhaust. Mine does this as well but only during the time mentioned above. Normal from what I have read.

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    Thanks for all the info.. The impeller has two small knicks on it. Will this cause Cavitation? Or do you think the pump kit will be enough? or will I need a Wear ring?

    Thanks u guys rock with all the info...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Doesnt look too bad to me! Mine was 10 times worse and they said ride on it! I got a new one anyways but still! I also have an xlt and soon as my paint is done ill be on the water in a battle with the cavitation i experienced as well. I got the ppk and new intake grate as well as a few other goodies i hope that its as bad ass as i expect! Keep us updated and best of luck!

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    Thanks the wear ring doesnt look to bad either..No deep groves... Any thoughts?

    Just a PPK?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Were kind of in the same boat dood... lol literally but also in the fact that i am not too sure yet on how to fully cure the issue! How much clearance was between the prop and the wear ring ? After takinga closer look at the prop you can see those dull gray spots where it burnt up a bit. So far to get rid of the cavitation my moves have been the ppk, intake, new prop and i will be getting a new wear ring from island racing with the plastic inserts... When im done ill report back but i suspect your wanting to get on the water now. I suppose it all depends on your budget but the ppk and intake grate are musts for these skis so might as well start there and see how it goes! I suspect an impeller and wear ring are in your future tho to be honest!

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    Here's a great thread with a cheap alternative to buying a pump stuffer kit. Did this on mine and it worked great. You'll probably need two mold kits to do the entire pump.

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