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    xl 1200 yamaha

    Our xl 1200 yamaha waverunner ran fine the first day we took it out this year. We took it out the second day this past weekend it and it ran the first hour and then started to have probems dieing after a minute or two. It would start again, then die after a few seconds of going, maybe would even go the next time for about a minute.

    Does anyone have any suggestions of what might be the problem? It was getting gas, just not sure what to do at this point? need some help?

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    Is this a '98?
    How many hours on it?
    Did you own it & ride last year w/o any problems?
    Did you winterize it?
    Do you add the new Stabil brand blue additive to your gas? It's made to counteract the ethanol. My '97 GP760 wouldn't even start last year when I put in gas containing ethanol from a land station. Added blue Stabil, shook the ski around to mix and it finally started. It's been running great since. If you fill at a marina ask them if there is ethanol in their gas.

    Have you ever had the carbs gone through? You're due if your around 200 hours.

    If you were getting fuel, then you were lacking air or spark. Plugs & wires O.K. ?

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