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    check engine light :S

    after running about 15 min, the engine started to lose a little compression and it wouldent go fine under 5000rpm ! at full speed it went fine and suddelly, when running at about 5 mph the check engine light came on :S i felt that the engine was a little hot and when i opened the flush hose the water came out and the warning was gone !
    ofcours it was the thermostat i thought, and took it out and it was jamed and the o-ring was destroyd :P fixed and cleaned it, and it opened in boiling water. reinstaled it and went out today... after 2 min at 2000rpm the warning light came back i have a thermostat on the way from US but have to wait a week+-

    so ?!.. can it be that the waterhose behind the thermostat is blocked ? it flushes fine, and water is coming out where it should. Ore mabye the thermostat is jamed again ore is not opening complitly ?

    thank you for any answer

    edit:if the impeller is nonfunction, will there be water coming out the fluch-hole ? or is it just the water pressure in the cooling-hose that will sink ?

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    how about posting what ski you have in your signature, it will help us determine what else could be going on besides the thermostat.

    If it were me I wouldn't run it till I replaced the thermostat.

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    it is a polaris msx 03

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